Foreclosure Appraisals

We help Sheriffs departments manage their foreclosure process by automating many steps in the process, which dramatically lowers the cost of each appraisal.

Improved Work Flow

Makes the process of ordering and getting appraisals a breeze.

Your staffs’ time is so valuable. There is no doubt it is best spent on high value law enforcement activities. Certainly not juggling requests and paperwork related to real estate.

Faster, Accurate Appraisals

Accesses multiple, rich data sources to determine the estimated property value. Using site-specific information collected at the time of property ‘view’, advanced mathematical models work to deliver an estimated value along with confidence levels and forecasted standard deviations.

Less Expensive

Automates many steps in the process, so it is able to dramatically lower the cost per appraisal. Since the ultimate cost is borne by the person whose house is foreclosed upon through what is called a potential ‘deficiency’ judgment, getting the appraised value most cost effectively is the right thing to do.

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