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Health Solutions

We lower the expense to the employer, lower the expense to the employee, all while creating a greater experience for both

Benefit Navigation

Text based app combined with a live benefit guide allows employees to easily connect with low cost in network providers.

Specialty Pharmaceuticals

Specialty and orphan drugs reduced or eliminated from plan expense.

Claims Audits

Reducing high cost and medical implant claim errors.

Clinical Data Devices

Connecting patient and provider in real time with two way communication. Alerts and date allow for timely care management.

Zero Dollar Network

Access to health care you need for $0.

Healthcare Communication

Integrated suite of software solutions designed to improve communication for healthcare organizations.

Kidney Care

A complete risk solution to manage high cost dialysis, chronic care management, data analytics and predictive modeling.

Wound Care

Cost reducing telehealth wound care application.

We provide transformative solutions for your business.


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