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Health Benefits Engagement Solution

Mar 28, 2019

Do you manage a Self-Funded Health Plan? Are your claim costs going down each year? If you think it is the deductible, carrier or the co-payment, you need to take another look.

Many self-funded plan managers are making the same assumptions. They assume employees will change their behavior and miraculously start using the plan efficiently if they change the deductible, the carriers, or the co-pay. What they haven’t accounted for is a high percentage of employees surveyed don’t even understand basic terminology associated with the plan and thus do not get the most out of the plan.

Have you ever heard “like water, people take the path of least resistance to get to where they need to be.”? The path of least resistance in a self-funded health plan is often a high cost provider. While they are very convenient and qualified to address many issues, they can create increased expense for the employee and employer that can be 4 to 10 times the cost of other care providers in the network.

Health consumers want health plans to be simple and easy to use. The healthcare industry is not set up to meet today’s consumers’ preferred method of communication. 1-800 numbers and websites that were once somewhat effective considering the tools available at the time, are mostly frustrating for current users that venture there. 

Can you answer these questions? 

      1. Have you made it super simple for my employees to navigate your health plan to find the most effective care at the best cost?

     2. Have you consistently been able to lower your company’s annual health claim expenses?

     3. Are employees happy with their ability to easily get the most out of the plan?

If you answered “NO” to anyone of these questions, there is a better path to achieving a “YES” for all three questions.

There is a solution available that increases employee engagement and allows them to expertly navigate the healthcare plan with a simple text to a live concierge.

By making it easy for the employee to locate the lower cost in-network providers, you reduce your annual claim expense. You will see happy employees and lower costs.

Let me know how I can help you.

Ronnie Freeman, PHR


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