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Healthcare Communications Solution

Apr 15, 2019

Can you bridge the communications gap?


To run smoothly and to provide the best care possible, healthcare organizations, need to communicate effectively – both internally and externally. Communication can be challenging: employees need to have easy access to information, the information needs to have high level of security, and many providers and referral sources use disparate operational and communications systems.

Have information and orders gotten lost or delayed because of communication challenges in your organization? If referrals are a part of your facility’s success, and your Electronic Health Record and Health Information Systems don’t communicate easily with varying systems, efficiencies can be lost, profitability can be impacted, and patient satisfaction can suffer.


Answer these 3 questions, and let us help you address the communications challenge:


1. Is it easy and efficient for your employees to communicate electronically (both internally and externally) before, during, and after a patient admission?

2. Can your operational systems manage information through common workflows so that your employees can spend less time with manual processes, and more time providing the best care to your patients?

3. Would you like a system that can flexibly manage structured and unstructured (faxed) communications between people and systems, and can be rolled out without spending millions of dollars or requiring a prolonged implementation period?

Our secure, HIPAA-compliance solution will help you get the most out of your electronic medical records system at an affordable price. Our seamless information flow will help your organization bridge the communication gap between systems to create a better experience for the patient, referring facilities, and frontline employees.


Let me know how I can help you.


Ronnie Freeman, PHR

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