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3 Reasons Your Practice Needs the Right Healthcare Communications Tools

Jun 3, 2019

Keeping healthcare data private is mandated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and medical providers must ensure that patients’ information is protected. However, medical records also need to be shared with other providers and specialists, hospitals, laboratories and insurance companies. With HIPPA restrictions competing with the medical community’s need to collaborate, and providers using various EMR platforms, communications regarding patient information can be a challenge for hospitals, ACO, Payers and the individual providers. It is important to have your communication bases covered (to coin a baseball term) to ensure the success of your practice.


1. Referrals are the lifeblood of your business

Primary care providers, specialists and hospital systems rely on referrals as the lifeblood of their business. While it has gotten better over the years, the referral communication and tracking process remains a challenge due to communication difficulties. This results in lost orders, upset patients, and practice leakage leading to lost revenue.


2.Use of fax machines makes referral communications and tracking challenging

As strange as anyone in this decade might think it sounds, faxing medical information and referrals is still commonplace in the medical community. Even those who have upgraded their technologies and practices still need a fax machine to communicate with those many facilities that use the old technology. Many in the medical community have found, for whatever reason, that upgrading their practice to utilize modern communications technologies while maintaining HIPPA compliance to be daunting and complicated.


3.Incompatible EHR systems don’t solve the communications challenge

As we all know, when there is a breakdown in human communications it can lead to a lot of problems. It is the same when your practices’ medical record system doesn’t communicate with those referring to your practice. Even those who have upgraded their systems often have issues communicating with each other. When EMR systems don’t communicate with other platforms, it leads to inefficient workflows and frustrated, overtaxed care providers and administrative support.

You need a solution that will communicate, both internally and externally, with providers and departments that use various platforms to provide the best care possible to patients in a timely and efficient manner. Premier Solution Partners has a solution that you can bolt on to your existing system which lets you electronically communicate with any system and efficiently manage patient care.
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