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Lower Your Health Plan Costs While Helping Employees Lower Their Cost of Care

May 1, 2019

The Kaiser Family Foundation’s annual health survey shows a continued increase in healthcare premiums. While the 2018 single and family premiums figures show 3% and 5% respectively, the increase since 2008 is an unimaginable 55%! These increases make it more important than ever for employers to manage plan offerings and for employees to manage their cost of care.  Managing the day to day operations of a business and its many departments presents many challenges – employee engagement and communication regarding their health plan and available options shouldn’t be among them.

Why don’t employees use their health plan in the most economical way? Why do employees continue to use the high cost options and emergency rooms as the go-to solution for their medical issues, when an equally effective and more economical option is available in the existing plan?

The answer is simpler than you might think – it’s because navigating the health plan isn’t easy for them.  We live in a world dominated by mobile technology, and employees expect the same access and ease of use that they already enjoy in their personal lives.  It is difficult to determine the best, low cost option available when in the midst of a pressing need for care.  Most employees will not research plan documents in such a time of need, and will go to where they know that their medical issue can be addressed quickly. 

We navigate today’s world on our phones and we increasingly communicate through texts and instant messaging apps.  Users dislike navigating through phone mazes, just to be inevitably put on hold to wait for the next available representative, and many industries have already migrated away from 1-800 numbers as the primary method of providing support to users.  Employees would like that same convenience when navigating their health plan. 

We have a solution that helps employees efficiently and cost-effectively navigate their health plan options, while helping self-funded plan providers and administrators lower the cost of providing healthcare benefits to their employees.

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