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Virtual Doctor Visits, What Might Be Missing?

Jun 17, 2020

Every time you turn on the television, open an email or read an on article today somebody is rehashing the COVID-19 precautions and what you should do to protect yourself and others. Are you tired of being inundated with information and just want to find some normalcy? Me too! That will be my last reference to the virus in this article.

If you are like me, there are occasions where you need to see a doctor, client, or vendor face to face. While telemedicine is an incredible advancement, I am among the approximately 75 percent of patients who would either not trust a diagnosis made via telemedicine or would trust this method less than an in-office visit, according to a 2015 nationwide study conducted by TechnologyAdvice Research.

I would prefer my doctor to have more information than my face on a screen and my ability to articulate how I feel. It is important that the doctor has real data relating to my current condition. Think about a normal office visit, and the data compiled during that appointment. Your weight, temperature, pulse, oxygen saturation and blood pressure are taken at a minimum. This data paints a picture of your overall health compared to the standard or compared to your past appointments.

In a world where care givers are being turned away from assisted living centers and nursing homes, there needs to be an effective way to provide this data to physicians and chronic care providers when limited access is provided or when clinics are closed.

Physicians, hospitals, and home health care agencies should begin utilizing available Bluetooth devices that provide real-time clinical values to assist in remote diagnosis. With the proper Bluetooth device, a smart app, and data integration, your virtual visit will very closely mirror and in-office visit.

Virtual visits are a win-win for all involved. For you – you don’t have to leave your home to see the doctor if you don’t wish; and for your doctor – he or she can efficiently take care of you and continue to run his/her practice very effectively.

Our Bluetooth enabled medical devices bridge the gap between telemedicine and accurate clinical data associated with a virtual visit, and is one of the many healthcare solutions you can enjoy from Premier Solution Partners.

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